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Return / Cancellation Policy

1. Do not give up


You can return the product you have purchased within (7) days from the delivery date without opening the package, using it, or allowing it to deteriorate. Before returning the product, please send it to with an e-mail containing your invoice number and order number, specifying the reason for the return. As soon as our company receives the e-mail or fax you sent, you will be contacted and you will be informed how to return the product. It should be sent back with the product on the invoice issued in your name. The price of another product or product will be refunded to you instead of the returned product. Refunds will be paid due to transportation costs will be borne by you.



2. Items Damaged During Transport


Products damaged during transportation should not be received and a report regarding the damage should be attached to the transportation company. The product should not be returned due to small dents that may be in the box or packaging so as not to damage the product. However, after it is received by you, the transport company will be deemed to have fulfilled its duty. After the damage report of the unaccepted product is delivered to our company by you, our company will deliver a new product to you as soon as possible.



3. Faulty Products


Please send an e-mail containing your invoice and order numbers to by stating the faulty products that were not noticed during the delivery and occurred in the application. If your reason for return is deemed appropriate, after sending the invoice to our store with the returned product, the faulty product will be replaced with a new one;


Refunds will be paid due to transportation costs will be borne by you.

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