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About Us

Mexxsun, which set out with the goal of being a leader in the service sector in 2012, started to provide service in 2012 as a customer with the most accurate cost.


Öncü Solar, which will be transmitted comprehensively with its own brand within the scope of the standards that come from the most accurate and the most accurate standards of the import/export operations operating in the world, has also made its name in the short project with the technical service.


Since 2016 energy, Mexxsun Renewable Energy Ltd. has been providing sales and sales services in all sales and sales services in the solar system, especially off-grid inverters. Co. it has changed its name and can be fixed.


In addition to the off-grid inverter, voltage regulators, electrical cables, cable connectors, energy storage systems, solar energy panels, pumps and installations for irrigation, solar installation systems and assembly equipment in Mexxsun's range, DEYE also offers a self-consumption option for useful solar energy projects. also offers Turkey distributors of brand on-grid inverters.


Available from buy-to-buy from the industry's largest parts and spares division and not pre-sale only is doing.